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I got fat, babe

You awaken to find yourself back at the enormous table, larded down with pot roasts and potatoes, sausages, steaks, and stuffing, boiled eggs and bacon, crepes and creams, dumplings and desserts, cakes and cookies, pastries and puddings, and Turkish delight, until it appears that it will collapse under the weight. And there, in the middle, is the biggest, fattest, turkey you've ever seen.

The old woman and Santa are there, and the old woman says, "Feel free to stay and have as much as you can eat, dear."

"Thanks," you say, but as you tuck in you find that you can't stop eating. No matter how much you resist, you feel compelled to keep on eating and eating.

"Whatsh happening to me?" you blurt out, between mouthfuls. "I can't shtop eating!"

"Of course you can't," replies the old woman. "The countess likes her visitors big and fat. More blood for her baths, you see."

After a while of gorging, you are bloated and fat, and your clothes are so tight you think the buttons will pop off if you eat any more. Finally, you pass out from the strain.

When you awaken, you are back at the table, and find yourself in a Groundhog Day of endless binging. Before long you are the size of a whale, and would be unable to leave under your own power even if you were not under a spell.

Then you continue eating and eating, until finally

Written by venus

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