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Gaining your Freedom

There are two switches, one on each wall, to the left and right of the door you can't fit through, and a narrow line running all the way around outside the door frame.

You realize that the end of the passageway would open up completely and you could fit through, if only you could press both switches at once. You try to reach them, but your arms aren't long enough.

The witch cackles. "Oh ho ho, you've discovered my little trick? But what do you intend to do about it, my pretty?"

You realize that the two switches are at just about the height of your love handles, or perhaps where the sides of your breasts would be if they were much larger and more pendulous.

You now know what you have to do. You return to the table, overflowing with sumptuous food, and dig in with gusto. Once again, once you begin eating you find that you are unable to stop, and before long

Written by venus

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