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joining the hive

You choose the facehugger door and go through, the door seals behind you, so you have no choice but to go on. About twenty minutes down the corridor , you hear a noise behind you and you turn around to see one of the alien creatures moving towards you at high speed , you begin to run but it catches you and paralyzes you with a stab of its tail.

You awake in a room which you guess must be the nest because of the unusual substance on all of the walls , you stand up and look around and to your horror you see more of the creatures and one of them begins to speak “you have two choices” It growls , “we can either use you as a host for a chestburster or you can become one of us, your choice” you know which one you would prefer and as if reading your mind the creature growls “then lay in here” pointing to hat seems to be a green cocoon, you reluctantly obey and step inside. The cocoon closes round every part of your body except your head and your see a green facehugger come running towards you, you whimper in fear as it ignores your face and instead it attaches to the back of your head instead and some kind of tentacle burrows into the back of your head and into your brain, after a brief moment of pain you black out.

When you awake you are in a cocoon of green goo , as you float around inside you see your hand has become leather black and skeletal , you look down at your body and realize that almost your entire body has become an alien , all except your head, but that doesn’t last for long as you feel the back of your head elongates and your eyesight disappears, however you gain a “sixth sense” so you can see even better than before, your mind then begins to change , you gain killer instincts and your human memories disappear , your brain is dominated by a need to infest and spread, and with these new thoughts, you burst from the cocoon a fully fledged alien .

Written by mitchell"dragon"mellard

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