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It doesn't work out like you hoped it would...

With a pouf ofgreen dust, Peter appears in front of you. Then a strange cable appears and plugs itself in both your belies. At first, you think this is it. You look in front of you and see Peter, slowly deaflating. Then, happily you look at yourself, but you don't feel like your getting thinner. On the contrary, you see yourself slowly INflating! All that extra fat that Peter had is going through the cable and into your belly! Peter now looks just like you use to, but you look like... nothing you've ever seen! you're twice as fat! you look down at the scale you're still standing on, and you see your amazingly 900 pounds!

"There, the operation is done!" says the leprechaun, happily.

"Hey, but what about me! I can't be like this!" You slowly say in a big, low voice.

"I canda like ye better this way!" laughs out your leprechan, while Peter suddenly gets transported into his bed,"

"I wish I was thin!"

"Hey wait a second laddie, you wished for me not to be able to change your weight, so I can't change you back!"

You start crying. You take a step, but you immediately fall down because of that heavy blubber."I at least wish that I could always transport myself."you murmure.

"Granted" says your leprechaun. You are immediately back up and walk (more like waddling in slow-mo). You get on the top bunk and try to sleep. the mattress sags very low and you can feel Peter from through it. You're so fat now, your sides are of the bed. You then gently, but tradgicly, fall to sleep.

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