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(Taken from www.catprog.com/css.php/Story/1/172/M)

You begin to scratch furiously as fur continues to spread across your body. Your chest is soon covered in white fur, which begins to grow thicker and ruffle up around your neck. On each shoulder, 3 "Spikes" of fur extend outward. Your fingers begin to merge together, forming 3 fingered paws with claws. You flex them. The rest of you upper body, with the exception of your head, is now covered in yellow fur. The itching sensation begins to extend down toward your waist.

You quickly throw the rest of your clothes off, not wanting them to get ruined as a yellow tail with a white tip extends from your spine. As the yellow fur continues down your legs, a stylised black ying yang symbol appears on your upper thighs. Your feet, now covered in white fur, begin to remould into digitigrade paws.

You can see in a nearby pond that from the neck down it looks like you're wearing a costume of the anime character Renamon, but seemed to have forgotten the mask.

Written by an anonymous author

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