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tell them!...

if they dont run away...you decide to go make a cloak out of leaves form the forest you're currently in, hold up your tail, and walk towards the city.

people look at you strangely but they have no idea you are a dragon. you walk back to your house and see if anyone is home-there is! it's your sister who is 13 but is obsessed with dragons and mystical creatures. you think about if you can still speak human so you try. ''sister...'' you say in a low growling voice. ''huh?'' she says, ''oh its you! what are you doing here? i'm just doing some more researh on how you can become into a dragon! wouldn't that be great!!'' ''yes..'' you say'' but there is someting i have to tell you.. I-'' '' oh boy!! i love secrets! is it about dragons?'' she exclaims ''yes.'' you say grimly, ''i met a leprachuan..and he grented me a wish i had....... to become a dragon.'' ''omigosh!!are you really a dragon now? please take your cloak off so i can see!'' you listen to her and push the cloak off your spiny back and release your tail from grip. '' omg i wont tell anyone! can you fly!? what is it like!? did it hurt?!!!!!'' ''i can fly, it feels ..wierd, and no it doesent hurt.''you say-more calmly. ''ohh..i wish i could be a dragon just like you!''she says, hopefully that something will happen. then you hoped that she would too. then she says ''hey!! look at meeee.....''! you hav the power to grant wishes-even your own! now your sister and you take bed sheets and walk back to the forest together-un noticed. you tell her that she can fly and she zips up in the air, and you follow her. you concentrate on the italian language saying wow this is great and it is italian! you can speak any language! wow... you think. this is great!!!

Written by wanna be a dragon

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