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monster council

The werewolf angrily extinguishes the flames and once again pounces on you after you have managed to run only a few feet "a sneaky one " he growls smiling, "ill bring you before the order" , and before you can ask what the order is, he hits you over the head with his claw and you black out.......

You awake a short while later, whether it is night or day you cannot tell because you are in a large underground room and are surrounded by the strangest assortment of creatures you have ever seen, There are werewolves, griffins, dragons, vampires and what seems to be the creature from the alien movies. At the top of a large plinth a wizard addresses them all in a booming voice “the order is now in session, today’s first topic , the werewolf kazul has brought before us a human who he claims he senses a great power within, he thinks this human may be eligible to join the order, we shall have questioning before a vote is passed, any who wish to question do so now” you nervously answer many questions that the creatures ask you, most of them seem to be about your opinions and your personality , you answer truthfully afraid the wizard will be able to detect a lie. After questioning they put you in a room while you await their verdict, a short time later they call you back in. “okay” the wizard booms, ”we have made a decision” says one of the larger dragons the wizard nods and says ”you were particularly difficult to place, because you possess many of the qualities each race is looking for, so we shall put you in the halls and let fate decide” wondering what the “halls” are, you are escorted away by a griffin into a large room where you are hit on the head and loose consciousness yet again……..

Written by mitchell"dragon"mellard

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