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The meal

You and your hunting partner develop a plan. He would go and force the human into an alley while you simultaneously swooped in for the kill, effectively slitting the human's throat with your razor sharp claws. This plan went off without a hitch, except for the fact that there happened to be a police officer near the alley and had witnessed the whole thing. As you and your partner start feasting on the freshly slaughtered human, the police officer shakily draws his gun and aims. You quickly solve this problem by torching him with your flame, effectively melting his skin off. As the police officer screams in pain, your hunting partner casually walks over and decapitates the man, saying, "There, now there's one for me and one for you". After eating undisturbed for an hour you have eaten your fill, and so has your hunting partner, so both of you decide to go have some fun in the neigboring town. That is where you...

Written by limedragon728

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