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an evil dragoness

You listen hard to find a victim and after a minute or so you hear footsteps, grinning with evil you take flight in search of this human and it doesn’t take long to spot them…

It was a beautiful blonde girl walking down the side of the castle, and all alone!

You swoop down and blow a trail of fire, which you order to surround the woman. The fire obeys encircling the helpless human who staggers around rooted to the spot when she realises she is trapped. She almost faints as you land next to her and let out a roar, you feel disgusted with yourself as you realise you feel slightly sorry for her, and decide to act polite. “Lay down and this wont hurt “ you command her “Are you going to kill me “ she sobs “Not if you lay down” you answer quite truthfully. She nervously obeys, and lays down You then concentrate and your tail spike begins to glow red, you roar in delight as you pierce her and she slowly begins to transform. In less than a minute she is the same height and colour as you but with very dark purple instead of your dark red spines, claws and teeth. Ten minutes later she opens her eyes (now glowing dark purple) and comes round. “hi my name is kazulorta” she says “what were you doing round here?” you quiz her “I was taking a walk around the castle with an archaeological team when you flew down” she roars, “you gave me quite a fright” she accuses “Sorry about that “ you reply. After several minutes of conversation she tells you she is hungry “you say you came with a digging team” you say with a smile “there’s dinner “ you chuckle “ and maybe a few victims , the ones that you liked anyway” you both then fly of in search of food and new victims.

Written by mitchell"dragon"mellard

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