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ok he says "can you fly yet?" you tell him that you havent tried it yet. "oh well" he says "you'll learn fast enough , our first stop is okkazi village , ready for dinner?"

You stare at him horrifyed , "your going to kill people for fun!!! you roar" "what are you a whimp" he says , "I thought you were a dragon"

"ok" you say deppressed , "ill help you" he replys "realy?" you say "yeah" he replys and then without warning you see his tail tip spike glow bright red and it comes flying through the air toward you

As it pierces your scales you feel a great pain in your head as you kneel over your scales become black and the spikes protruding down your spine and your claws become dark red you stare at your reflection and realize that your eyes are glowing red , you have become an evil dragon!!!! he beckons you to fly with him and as you scan your thoughts about the village you realize that becoming evil has had some advantages , you now dont care a damn about the stupid humans and you fly off with your new hunting partner to go and get dinner

Written by mitchell"dragon"mellard

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