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well since your female you better find yourself a mate, no sooner have you thought that, you see a male kangaro bounding towards you! one thing leads to another and very soon you are peing entered! at that moment you turn into the male kangaroo. then you finesh the glorius sex, infact you do it again, untill you colapse. when you wake up you find yourself in bed at home, you think it was all just a dream. you walk into the bathroom and see your self in the mirror, you get the shock of your life, its you but you are covered from head to foot in kangaro fur!

you shower dress and come baack to the bathroom and reach for the razor, you shave your forhead and other parts of your face till you just have the hair on your head and a beard, you think you should keep the beard as it will mean you have less to shave each day.

you are now one hairy guy.

Written by milkme

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