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Poke'mon Power

You hear a chanting in the distance you notice that jessie is now skinny again but she is changing.Then you notice that you are changeing too.You see jessie split in to 2 differnet people and shrink.You start to shrink and notice that for every inch you loose your tail grows by that inch... Wait a tail???You don't remember that there before.Then you and the 2 new jessies start to glow. The light fades and you notice that its dark outside but you can see perfectly.Then you look to where the jessies were and you see two mice the size of a 2 year old. You say"What happened to us."But it comes out as "Tree man treemander treemanderkarp."Jessie 1 says,"Huh what the...???"But it comes out "Pla plaplapla???"The other Jessie says,"You are me and I am you."Then you realize that you are 2' tall and Jessie 1&2 are 1' tall.Then you hear a falmiliar voice,"Hahahahahahahahaha.I worked my poke spell worked."(Form now on I will translate the poke talk)"What do you mean????""I maen you are a Treemanderkarp and those two are plusle and minun.Now what nicknames shall I give you????Oh now know Treemanderkarp shall be Gannon. Plusle shall be Denise and minun shall be Megan. Get used to these bodies cause they are yours forever."Then she starts to chant again and then you notice the world around you become cartoonified.

Written by Gannon

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