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Evil Scientist

Suddenly you land on the ground with a *thud* No, more like a *rumble* and strangely you also hear the shaking of glass. Your exceedingly hard glutious maximus crushes the stone floor beneath you as you land, but you are okay. Not a scratch.

You can only see a few feet ahead of you in this darkness but you feel something slam into your back and turn to see a very dizzy leprechaun looking up at you. "That was excit'n!" He says wobbling drunkenly to his feet "Let's do it again!" and with that his legs give way, and he falls flat on the ground, fainting from dizzyness (It was a very windy slide).

Your eyes have adjusted to the darkness now and you see beakers and viles filled with mysterious substances. There are eyeballs floating in jars of water. In the center of the room is a floating orb that is glowing a deep, dark blue and spinning very slowly, so slowly you did not notice it spinning at first.

Overcome with curiosity you begin to step forward when your face is met with a metal bar. "Ow!" You say rubbing your forehead. Where did that come from?

Upon further examination you find that you are surrounded by metal bars that you didn't notice before. You are in a cage. You grab one of the bars, trying to bend it. Grunting you succeed...at bending it an inch. You blow on your soar hands. What kind of metal is this?

Suddenly you here a voice. "Well, well, well. What have we here? Ahh... Another dumb human wandered in here. When will they learn?" You hear him chuckle. "Well, I think the mistress will be pleased. Very pleased indeed.I can use the white matter in his brain in my next concoction. Oh! And this one is healthy! His muscles will be good for something. And I think I will give his phalanges to my daughter so she can make a necklace out of them! She just loves human bone necklaces.Or maybe I can use him for a bit of... um, experimentation? Yeeees. I do love my job. The best part is hearing them scream. Yes, I do say that is a beautiful sound. Yes, yes."

You shudder at his words. You have to think of something fast. In front of you, just out of reach, there is a table with three potions on it. A red, a green and a blue. Oh, but when you reach for them you're finger-tips are only inches away from them! There are some bones on the ground near your feet along with your fainted leprechaun. And in the corner of your cell you see two glowing eyes staring up at you that you hadn't noticed before. You hear the footseps of the mad scientist approaching your cage. What will you do?

Written by Junshu

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