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Let them eat cookies!

You are really confused, as the Lion simply laughs out loud at your comment, "Do yuo really think you can just 'take them away," he says between mouthfuls and chuckles, "I said the public loves them, do you really think thre going to just let you take away there precious cookies? I don't think so, you see, the public never wants whats good for them, they just want to be content and happy at any given moment. Your cookies fulfil that purpose, allowing the public happiness at a cheap cost. Who cares if their gigantic blimps, as long as their happy about it."

You hate to admit it, but sweets is right, the public wouldn't simply let you take away there cookies. You remember the fox, who hadn't cared if he would explode, just so long as he could have his cookies. Now you have an even harder decision to make, keep the cookies, and doom the popolous to a lifetime of obesity and health problems, or take away the cookies, and become public enemy number 1.

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