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Sweet lodgeings

A gingerbread house looms in front of you, complete with gumdrops and icing, spun-sugar windows, a peppermint doorframe, and much more. You now know how Hansel and Gretel felt when they saw such a commodity. You wonder if this is along the same lines, but before you can ponder anymore, Roger has skipped ahead and is taking large bites out of the side of the house. "Hey!" you call, and run to him. "Don't you know you shouldn't go eating strange houses?" You know you sound corny, but the situation is totally ridiculous as it is. "But I'm hungry," whines Roger, taking another bite out of the fudge siding. You don't know if you can blame him ... the smell from all this sweet stuff makes your mouth water, and you are pretty hungry yourself.

Written by an anonymous author (edited by wanderer)

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