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Meetin Seadra v2

A Seadra swims up to you. "Sea sea seadra!", it says, translating into "Welcome to Whirl Islands!". You reply by saying I have chosen this as my new home. Please let me in.

The Seadra seems to be kinder than most Seadra. She lets you in and you seem to feel cozy in Whirl Islands.

She shows you around and leads you to your new room. It is a cave in a very VERY tall platform, which is about 300 ft high! Talk about flying space! Your room is hollow, wide, and has a deep pool with calm fresh-water. It has a patch of land in the back and a cozy leaf pillow. Best of all, no trainer can EVER find you because your room is guarded by a waterfall that is bigger than the Niagra Falls!

Written by Gigadragon

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