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now you feel good, this is awesome, you feel just like you are in a movie. you decide to go to the school and teach those "people" a lesson, they will never mock you again you think, so you start flying, but you can fly so fast you are there in less then one minute. ( you just flew 1.5 miles ) you land on the school ( well, at least your foot does ) and you let out a jet of black fire and....wait a second black fire, the color of the flame changed, you think it has to do with your emotions, so it's like a mood flame! you bend down to a bully and say i the deepest growl..."boo"! and he runs a way but you notice he is dripping with some sort of yellow liquid an- ohhhh! you know what that liquid is and you gag. then the U.S army and marines show up the strap many bombs to your feet, (each bomb is capable of knoking down 2 apatment buildings), they have 5 seconds left and the army is long gone (along with everyone else) 5 seconds, 4, 3, 2, 1, BOOM!!!!!!, you think you are dead but all that happened was that thee is now a crater around your feet! you are fireproof!!!

Written by Fatalis

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