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you grab the lamp of the table in the middle of the room, and open it up to see if anything is in it. there isnt.

so just for kicks you rub the lamp and wait. what you see is amazing.

out of the lamp comes a genie that looks like a goddess, she is beutiful and you cant help but stare at her.

who has summoned me? asks the genie in a loud voice, you answer in a voice half as loud, me.

the genie floats up to you and says; you have three wishes, but they can only be about sex, such as a change in sex, or you can have sex with whoever you want, or you can have sex as an animal or with one. which one will you chose? asks the genie;

she also says, you only have thirty seconds to come up with each wish when your ready to wish.

Written by anynamous

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