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you silently pray something weird wont happen to you.but your legs suddenly start to split open. you cry out as your blood sprays everywhere(graphic aint it?)you see somthing brown in the gashes on your legs and your legs go completely numb. your touch the flesh of what was once your legs.feeling nothing you plunge your hand into the gash so you can touch the brown thing. to your dismay it is rough and scaly and you can feel yourself touching it. in a fit of panic you lash out at your legs. the human flesh peels of easely revealing muscular, scaly brown dinosaur legs.you know all too well what is happening. you clutch your head moaning in pain.you can feel your skull grinding into a new shape. suddenly a long snout filled with sharp teeth pushes out of your mouth causing the skin covering you head to painfully tear apart. your arms change pretty much the same way your legs did, spliting you human arms only to have reptilian arms emerge. your back pops and cracks, and stretches out pushing your new head away from your shouldersgiving you a long neck. you utter a deep loud roar as the skin around your butt strains and stretches. you cry out as a long brown tail tears through your skin.you stop changing as you lie there still twitching from the pain. you gather the courage to open your eyes and look at your self. you see a large utahraptor,scraps of you human skin cling to you in tatters. you bellow out in sorrow and tears form in your eyes.

Written by Zachary

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