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Well, that won't fit

Why on earth did these people lock their clothes up? Did they know they were cursed? You're feeling a bit peevish about the previous cursed inhabitants, what with the girl thing and all.

Still, you've got time to pop one lock. You grab an axe from one of the suits of armour and start to hack open a door. Damn, not only can't you run, but your arms are pretty weak, too. Oh well, you manage to hit the clasp, and a pile of clothes tumbles out.

Someone shouts from outside "I hear you in there, sweet lips! Poppa's got a love dart. You'll be loving me in no time!"


Looking at the clothes, they're way too small for you, more sized for a child. Looks like a victorian girl's outfit anyway- little sailor hat, lacy pinafore, cute parasol with duckies. Ugh, why do they make girls wear stuff like that?

You hear banging on the door and drop low behind the cabinet.

The door bursts open and el Nerdo runs in with dart gun in hand. He starts frantically looking around for you.

Written by Oberon

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