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Seseame Street Sword of Doom

The sword instantly grows eyes and a mouth. It begins to float. "I am the wierd sword of Macedonnia!" You gasp in terror. That stick! It looks like a Seseame Street Puppet! You can clearly see that "Hennson and Associates" is engraved on the plastic blade. The sword begans to sing an annoying Seseame Street song, "I'm a sword! I'm a sword! I was made by a Nord! LA LA LA LA LA!!!" As you lunge at the sword to break it in half, it bites you on the hand. "Ha ha ha ha ha! Never F*CKIN' F*CK WIFF A GOD D*MN F*CKING SWORD MUTHA F*CKA!" As you scream in pain, your hand begins to change.

Written by Ash

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