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The Mountain Walks

"Take him away, and give him some.... special treatment. I'll leave it up to you." It's one of the most ominous things you've heard, made worse by the fact that your gut is blocking your view. Just then, you feel a prod on it, which almost makes you faint. The prodder steps back, revealing himself to be the werewolf. He grunts and motions for you to follow him. Follow him! You doubt if you can even move your legs, let alone walk.

You try, and find yourself to be anchored to the spot. The wolf growls impatiently, and a handful of other creatures detatch from the shadows and begin to manhandle you. With their help, you manage to reach a painfully slow waddle, your gut dragging at every step. At several points on your journey you get wedged, but fortunately your cold sweat lubricates you somewhat. One flight of steps nearly drives the wolf into an enraged frenzy! Finally, you are left, utterly exhausted, in a large, comfortably furnished room. You remain upright, leaning on your gut for support, like you would a wall or convenient building.

After a while, the door opens to reveal the werewolf again. He shuts the door after him, and walks over to you. He's carrying something. He approaches, looks around furtively, and then presses the something into your arms. It's ...

... a pot of cream?

"Huh?" you ask, wondering what happened to all your visions of glistening fangs, roasting spits, bubbling cauldrons, etc.

"For your skin. I swiped it from her stores of magical knick-knacks. It'll take the soreness away" he mutters, looking a little embarassed.

"Why? You weren't too kind to me earlier on. And she told you to do something-" you can't stop the gulp, "-special."

The wolf now looks decidedly uncomfortable. "I didn't mind doing stuff to a human, but you're like us now. It's the principle of the thing. If she'll do stuff to you, might she do it to us as well?" His expression, not to mention the rising hackles, persuades you not to ask further. "Besides, tubby, I still might do stuff. This is just to help you a little. If you don't want it, it makes no difference to me."

You still feel a bit nervous. This doesn't match your current world view at all. This werewolf doesn't strike you as the philosophical type. Is he really wanting to help like this, or is it some diabolical trick? Still, your skin is really hurting, especially after being scraped on that stone. Should you use that cream?

Written by Lupine (edited by wanderer)

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