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Spell Collection

You get up and grab as many spells as you can find and carry. Troggie looks at you and says:

"You know, you're taller than I thought you'd be..."

"How can you tell?" you say. Troggie laughs and continues grabbing spells. Pretty soon, you have as many spells as you can carry and leave the room.

"Try not to get caught," Troggie tells you. "And be especially aware of Mistress Morgana. She could be anywhere."

"It was so much easier for me to sneak around this castle when I was tiny," you say nervously.

"Maybe there's a shrinking spell in here," Troggie says fumbling through the parchments.

"NEVER MIND!" you say quickly. You really don't want to small again. You and Troggie make it to a stairway. "Where does this lead, Troggie?"

"From what I can remember, this leads to a battling arena for trolls, ogres, and other beasts that want to test their strenghts. I suggest we don't go down there. Chances are you or me might be challenged to a fight."

"All right. Hey, we need to get the lamp." At this, Troggie looks at you with a look of concern on his face.

"Um...actually, the Mistress took that lamp from us when I was transformed into a frog," he says sadly.

"Oh no. We're gonna have to actually find her now. I doubt she's still in the chamber. And I know she didn't go into her bedroom." And so, you and Troggie start searching around the castle.

Written by an anonymous author

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