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You continue flying in search of a spellroom. Unfortunately, Troggie is close on your tail. 'He's relentless!' you think to yourself. You hurry up down the corridor. Soon enough, you find an open room. You fly in; Troggie following afterwards. Inside the room, you see a parchment lying on the floor. On it reads: Enchantment Reversal. Around you is a fancy bed and many formal forms of furniture. 'This must be Morgana's room,' you think. 'And this parchment might be in case she casts a spell that she wants to reverse.' Desperate for a cure, you start reading the parchment's words, which are legible even though they are in a different language. Just before you finish reading the last word, however, a red and sticky object wraps around you and starts pulling. It is Troggie's tongue! You stare in horror as his mouth closes around you...

Written by an anonymous author

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