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Instead of finding yourself in a master bedroom, your in a barn. You suddenly feel different. Your body becomes covered in white fur, with black splotches everywhere. You feel something different going on downstairs and as you look you realise your now have an udder... NOOOOO! you think. You don't want to be a cow for the rest of your life. As your muzzle pushes out and small horns protrude from your aching head you smell a lusty sent. "no, it can't be" you think in horror as your worst fear is confirmed. As your last changes are completed a male bull comes from nowhere and starts sniffing your new female equipment. "please, no" you think, hoping for this situation to get better. It doesn't. The bull jumps on top of you, entereing you perfectly. You are aghast to find out you enjoy the next moments. As the bull releases his seed into you, somehow you can only think of him and the new life ahead of you. "Well that serves you right". The genie appears from nowhere and slowly comes closer to you. "Welcome to my stables. Not only are you hear for eternal breeding but eternal milking to." With that the genie starts milking you, increasing your enjoyment.

Written by an anonymous author

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