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Is bigger really better?

"I can't take the chance ..." the witch mutters to herself, looking at you as you spin around, watching your belly flop around and trying to keep spinning with a chuckle. "He does seem interested in that stomach of his-", she adds, stopping as the idea hits her.

She turns at you and bellows loudly! "Since you seem to like that stomach of yours so much ... I'll give you all that you can handle!" She yells and points at you then starts laughing evilly.

You look strangely at her and wonder what she's talking about. Suddenly you feel a pang in your stomach, followed by an odd sensation. You scratch at your belly and look at it, holding a few folds of flab as you feel the prickly tingly feeling in it. Holding up the bottom of your belly, you suddenly realise that with every passing moment, it feels heavier and heavier. You look at it, almost sticking your snout into it, then it dawns on you. Your belly, and only your belly, is growing.

You get a bit worried about it as it gets even heavier ... not just because of that, but if you don't let go then it'll probably force its way up your nose. You gently let go of your belly and watch it sag even more. But even as it sags, it pushes itself up and away from you. You can't believe what it looks like as it gets bigger and bigger. Within a few minutes it reaches out about 5 feet away from you and down to your calves. In a few more minutes it'll be down to the ground. But you're feeling sore all over, though. Your body can't handle the strain, and even when you're lifted off the ground by it, you'll still be sore. You just know it. What are you going to do now?

Written by Rakeesh (edited by wanderer)

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