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A Friend In Need

The wolf's eyes are fixed on you, and his teeth are bared. He glances around, and then advances on you. You squeal and bellow like a stuck pig, and frantically try to buck or get away, but all you manage to do is bounce on your belly, and then sprawl sideways onto the floor. You bellow again, shutting your eyes and waiting for the teeth to rend and crush and send the blood ...

You feel a hand clamp over your mouth, stifling your noises. Instinctively your eyes snap open. The wolf is crouched next to you! But ... he's frantically shaking his head and making hoarse 'shush!' noises. You stop trying to scream, staring at him. He removes his hand, and asks "Can you talk?"

"Moo. Moo muh... uh? Huh? Talk?" You try and stare at your own mouth in surprise. Your jaw feels weird, but it seems flexible enough to talk! You look up at him and whisper "Why're you spinning this out? Just be quick and eat me!"

The wolf stares at you. "Don't be an idiot. I'm not going to eat you!"

"Huh?" Then. because you can't think of anything else to say, "Why not?"

"Believe me, you look tempting ..." he growls, "... but right now I'd rather get out of here. I'm a werewolf, not a ... a pet!" He looks outraged for a moment, then subsides. "I've been looking for a way to escape the compulsion she put on the rest of us. We have to follow her orders." His smile becomes gleeful for a second. "But she only told me, 'get you away from her'. And we're linked by this rope, so logically I can get away with you. And that squealing of yours should convince her you've been eaten, so she won't suspect anything for a while. This is my big break!"

He turns and gives you a smile. "You're going to slow me down a lot, fatso, but I'm not losing my ticket out of here. So ..." he stops and actually looks a little nervous for a second, "How about we declare a truce and be friends? I don't bite. Well ... that's a lie, I do, but I promise not to eat you anyway."

Very reassuring.

Written by Lupine

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