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Reverse Psychology

The witch is positively flustered. Several times she raises a hand, as if she were about to cast another spell, only to lower it again a moment later.

"Oh, broomsticks!" she finally shrieks. "I need to consult my magic mirror." She stands to leave. "Guard the insolent one until I return," she instructs the other werecreatures.

The witch's servants look uncertainly at one another and take a half-step toward you.

"I'll find out soon enough if you're telling the truth, my fine, fat fellow," the witch fumes, pointing a bony finger at you. You respond with a rumbling hippo chuckle.

With a furious snort, the witch marches toward, and then passes through, a solid stone wall.

With the witch gone, the werecreatures suddenly don't look so frightening. You're now taller than any of them, even the werewolf, and you easily weigh more than the whole lot put together. In fact, if you were to just walk away, there's not much they could do to stop you.

Written by Funny Animal

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