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Domastication (yes, it's a pun)

You shake your head a few times, wondering why Legolas started playing "Dragostea din Tei" from the palantir, and then freeze. Your ears should not be flopping around like that when you shake your head, not at all! You reach up to touch these floppy ears atop your head, and then let out a yelp as you see a white-furred handpaw in front of your face where your hand should be! In fact, what are you doing yelping in the first place? And why's there a muzzle ... stuck ... between ... your eyes?

You whimper softly, looking over a body that by all rights shouldn't be yours, but is wearing your clothing - and stretching it out slightly, at that, with a rather generous potbelly. A thick, grey and white tail curls out behind you - in fact, everything about you is covered in soft, warm fur - and your feet have burst from your shoes, growing into a digitigrade alignment. In fact, if you didn't know any better, you'd say you've turned into a portly werehusky!

The kitsune looks up at the werewolf with a smile as you come to grips with reality (or something like it). "He woke up," she says softly, reaching out a hand to fuzzle the top of your head. You start to protest, but find yourself rumbling softly, enjoying the sensation as she quietly scritches you behind the ears.

The werewolf replies with a quiet sigh. "Good, I guess ... although I wasn't expecting the bite to turn him into something so ... tame. A malamute, of all things," he mutters.

.. a malamute? So this isn't a dream; you really are a homocanid. What on Earth are you going to do?

Written by Luprand

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