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Timeless love.

As you enter the gossimer mist that enshrouds Morganas quarters, you are flooded by old feelings. Once upon a time, a phrase you never thought you'd be using litterally, you two were lovers, and even after hundreds of years, she is still as lovely as the day you first layed eyes on her. "Morgana..." you start, but she quickly cuts you off. "You came back," she says, a strange note in her voice, "Why have you come back?" she continues, almost as if asking herself. "I don't really know," you answer truthfully, even with your regained memory, you don't know how you could have come to inhabit a mortal shell. "That day, when... it all happened, it seems like a dream." "It was only the begining of a nightmare," Morgana says, her tone taking a harsh cord, "After my brothers death, the two courts warred even more, trying to avenge their fallen sons. Slowly, they destroyed each other, the royal families. Both are now mere skeletons of thier former glories."

"But that should all change now," you say, "Now that 'm back, we can join, and the two courts will be one." At that point, she turns sharply, and looks at you, and you see her eyes for the first time with immortal eyes. Eyes that have cried a river of tears, eyes that have had to watch as everything she held dear was slowly destroyed infront of her, eyes that had felt the pain of centuries of solitude and isolation.

"How dare you," she says, the fury behind those words resonating through the endless woods, "How dare you!" She yells,as you feel the very air tremble, "You cannot fathom the year I have spent moarning the loss of all I loved, of ALL I held sacred within my heart of hearts, the centuries of sorrow eating away at my very SOUL, and you, YOU have the audacity to come back, and act as if all is the SAME! You have no idea how I have coem to despise you, how I HATE you."

You are almost speechless, but you can nowsee the years that have weighed upon her, though beutiful, her eyes are ancient, but you cannot help but question... "And what have I done to deserve thy lady's scorn," you ask taking a calm and formal tone.

"YOU DIED!" she yells, and you see tears gathering, "YOU DIED AND LEFT ME ALL ALONE!" and with that she she bursts into tears, turning away from you to hide the grief and pain that she had held back for perhaps thousands of years.

And as you stand there, watching her, you see the fay that you fell in love with, the fragile creature that had danced with you under moonlite nights. You walk up to her, and embrace her from behind, feeling her trmble at your touch.

"How did you think I could go on living without you?" you here her saying softly under her tears. "It's ok," you say, "It's ok if you hate me," you say softly, "It's only natural. I have been gone far to long, and you've endured far more then anyone should have to. Hate me, dispise me, curse me if that is your wish, but know this..." you turn her to face you, "Not even death was enough to keep me from you, for I gave you something that death can never have claim on. And the lady that stands before me and no other, will ever lay claim on my heart."

Written by Dream weaver

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