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The King of Cats

The box must have been left by the archaeological team. You spot an ancient parchment next to it, with a piece of paper and a pen lying nearby. The words on the parchment are written in a Slavic language you don't know, but the paper seems to be an English translation. It's only partial though:

"Help me . . . King of Cats . . . send your ninety cats . . . Protect Countess Erzsébet . . . gather them together . . . from the rain on the rooftops . . . May these ninety cats appear . . . rend to pieces . . . tear . . ."

Why did the archaeologists stop translating the ancient invocation? Could it be associated with the mysterious box? Your thoughts are momentarily interrupted by the appearance of a small black cat. It seems to have wandered into the castle from outside, but doesn't have any wet fur despite the steady downpour. As suddenly as it appeared, the cat vanishes into the darkness of the gloomy castle.

Your curiosity now impels you to open the box. It is empty except for a small necklace, with an amber amulet at the bottom. The amulet seems to have the shape of a domestic cat, and glows brightly, despite the lack of light hitting the box. Do you want to pick up the necklace, to inspect it for signs that it once belonged to Countess Erzsébet? . . .

Written by Volk-Oboroten'

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