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The League

You see the kitsune lying dead in the middle of a shallow lake. This wasn't exactly your worst nightmare, but it was pretty freaky for an average everyday reporter. It is just unimaginable for someone who seemed so lively before to be so lifeless now. That is when you hear a male voice sounding a year or two older than you. "You might just want to change back now," the voice said,"All you have to do is concentrate on your regular form." You didn't know if it was a trap or not but his voice did make you want to trust him. So you concentrated on your 23 year old male figure. As you began to morph back the voice began to speak again. "My name is Orune, the kitsune, Carine, played an important part in the league. i am saddened to find her... She was a close friend..." Now you saw how sad the man really was. But none-the-less he continued looking straight at you,"Please help us. You might be our only hope." All you could say is,"The league?"

Written by RJ

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