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You're on Board

Troggie finds a rope nearby and you both tie it tightly on a long wooden board. He then piles the remaining rope onto the board.

"How's this?" he asks. "When you get there, you can tie the other end of the rope to the lamp and I'll pull you back."

"That sounds good," you say. "But how will I keep from falling of the board?"

"Well," begins Troggie, "you can hold onto the rope."

"All right. I just hope nothing bad happens." You step off of Troggies palm onto the end of the board where the rope is tied and piled. Troggie lifts the board and grunts a bit.

"Ugh, all that rope makes this thing heavy," Troggie says. He pushes the board into the chamber while being careful not to step into the chamber. You, on the other hand, are hanging on for dear life. You finally reach the lamp. You grab the rope end, which is pretty big and heavy to you, and wrap it around the lamp's handle many times. You then make the tightest knot your little hands can and hope that it hold. "Did you get it?" asks Troggie?"

"I think so!..." you yell. Troggie pulls back the board. The lamp is lifted and left dangling from the rope. You are still nervous that the knot might loosen. Troggie finally brings the board out of the chamber. "We did it!" you say relieved.

"Yes. Now we need to get it out of the castle altogether." Troggie puts the board (and you) down. He gets on his knees and starts untying the rope from the lamp. When he is done, he picks it up with his left hand and picks you up in his right. "Now let's get out of here," Troggie says.

Written by an anonymous author

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