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Captain Drake points out your mistake

"Is he...dead?" you ask nervious.

"We've examined him, and he's alive" replies Capt. Drake "But he's in a deep coma. I don't think his brain wants to wake up to the fact that his belly is the size of the Rock of Gibraltar."

His voice grows sterner. "What happened to him, wolf?"

After you explain everything, the Captain easies up. "Normally I wouldn't believe your story, but then I have an anthro-tiger as part of my crew, and you. Incidentally, it is not cruise polocy to hold passengers on this ship against their will just because they are overweight. Bennie is well aware of that. When he said a year, he meant you should continue his programme after you disembarked."

"Oh..right". For the first time in days, you feel small.

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