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Roger's half the dragon he used to be!

The laughter and smoke clears, and you see an amazing sight.

Standing in the put out firepit, leaning against the spit from which chains hang loosely, is Roger.

A thinner, less goofy version of Roger. He's still a bit pear-shaped, but none more so than normal dragons.

"Roger...." you gasp "is-is that you? What happened?"

"The combination of heat and steam must have melted my fat away." says Roger. Even his voice is lighter.

He lifts up a huge foot and wriggles his toes. "Hello, feet! Good to see you again after all this time!".

He rustles his wings. "I might even be able to fly again! Thankyou, both of you! If there's anything I can do..."

Written by Andrew Anorak

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