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A genie for a joey.

Then the genie casts another spell at you. In a flash, you transforn into a kangaroo.

Looking down, you do a little hopping, swish your tail and feel inside your pouch....wait a minute! Don't female 'roos have pouches?

You look at your new self in the mirror and see that you still have the same hair colour as before!

"Why have you turned me into a female kangaroo??" you ask, realising you have picked up a bit of an aussie accent.

"Because I want a ride!" laughs the genie, turning into a joey. She still has turquoise fur and genie threads. The joey genie climbs into your pouch "Oooh!" you titter with delight. It really is a pleasurable feeling. Forgetting your anger, you hop off for a tour of the castle. You actually enjoy the thrill!

Written by Andrew Anorak

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