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Witch way now?

Looking round, you soon find another shaft entrance. With you and Jennifer on his shoulders, Roger climbs up it, digging into the walls with his claws.

When you get to the top, you and Jennifer climb off and Roger tries to extract his huge girth from the shaft.

"Reckon that was the dwarf mine" you say.

"Well, DUH!" replies Jenny.

Roger find himself stuck fast and frantically tries to pull himself free."Uhhh! UHHHHH!! NNNNNNNGH!"

"I know we were supposed to go around it, but I still think we're on track."

"Don't mention tracks!" groans Jenny

"We passed the 3 bears house, where we met you,"

"And they still have my shoes!" replies Jenny, wriggling her toes."

Roger still struggles and twists

"We've just come out of the mine"

Roger tugs at the ring of flab around the edge of the shaft.

"We should be near the witch'es castle" you say

"The WHAT???" cries Jenny

Roger pops back into the hole and tries to come up feet first, his big feet waving about and his toes splaying.

"I'm not taking on a witch, furball!"

"Don't worry, Red Riding hood said she might be able to help us!"

Roger comes up head first again, still stuck.

"And you trust someone who can't tell the diffrence between her grandmother and a wolf in a nightcap? If it wasn't for that stupid lardball we wouldn't be stuck here anyway!"

"I'm sorry.." wimpers Roger, starting to sob.

Written by Andrew Anorak

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