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As the spider inches closer towards you, you pull back your adorable puppy claws and slash at the spiders 18 eyes. As your claws rip through her eyes the spider recoils in pain. Now she's MAD.

Furious, the spider lunges at you. You quickly dodge out of the way. The spider turns, and at full speed, charges at you! Narrowly missing, she rams right into the wall behind you. She doesn't seem all there, you notice. Your scratch must have damaged her. As she turns for another attack you swipe at her remaining eyes. You swipe furiously over and over till you're sure you've blinded her. She turns to bite you, but you dodge just in time. She is completely undaughnted by her new blindness.

She runs ferouciously around the room spewing out green ooz, jabbing at everything she touches. The room isn't that big. You and the leprechaun keep having to jump out of her way in order to avoid her fangs.If you stick around for very long you'll be spider food.

Written by Junshu

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