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You quickly make a 180 degree turn and scramble back towards the door from whence you came. "No tabloid is worth this!" you think. But unfortunately your small puppy paws are no match for the spiders long hairy legs that swiftly catch up to you. You are almost to the door when the spider swerves around you so that she's blocking the door. You turn and run towards the arched door across the hall, but the spider outmanuevers you and corners you between it and its web.Its needle like fangs are right in front of your brown, wet nose.

Defeated, you stare back at it with your head drooped and your tail between your legs. The spider gets ready to make a jab at you but you swiftly dodge -- backing straight into the giant spider web! You are now stuck on the silky white strands. You try to wiggle loose, only to get entangeled even more! The spider raises its fangs and prepers to strike!

Written by Junshu

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