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Awww ... What a cute widdle puppy!

"Dis is not what I wan'ed mistew lepwachaun. But I tink I would get paid awot fow dis stowy so I'll accept it." You say in an adorable voice. Why couldn't you have run into a genie instead? At least they're trustworthy.

Well, you have a job to do. The archeologist aren't there and you don't even know if you're in the right place. But it sure is a spooky place. The castle is made of black stones and there are spider webs everywhere. You think you see something stuck in one of the spider webs in a far corner of the room. You also see an interesting stone protruding from the wall on the left. And, of course the big arched doorway on the other side of the hall.It's very dark in this room, you notice.

"Aren't ye goin' to make another weesh?" The lerauchan asks suppressing a laugh. That's true, you have two more wishes. But can you really trust this devilish elf?

Written by Junshu

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