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You trot over to the table and clumsily pick up the candles in your mouth, drooling on the sticks,and (with no help from the leprechaun whose sides ached from laughing at you) You aligned the candles into a perfectly straight line. Upon placing the last candle, the room (which was lit from a chandaleir w/candles from above) immediatly went pitch dark and the creaking from the swinging door behind you ceased. You hear a ratteling noise."Uh, the rose door is stook shut." The leprechaun says, he had been ratteling the handle trying to open it.

You hear a quiet wisp as the first candle is magically lit followed by the second,third, fourth... on down the row. The candles float lightly up into the air, pause, and then start zooming chaotically around the room. You leap over, under, around, and inbetween flaming candles (you're athletic for a cow). "This is crazier then anything I ever wrote about in any of my tabloids!" you pant. "Aye laddie!" The leprechaun responds as he ducks just barely missing a candle to the face.

Written by Junshu

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