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Green sparklies swirl around you. You watch the ground beneath you get farther and farther away as you soar heavenward. Your body stretches and contorts until it is in the shape of an enourmous dragon. You lift your head high into the air and as you let out a thunderous roar flames spew from your nostrals. You snort with delight.

But when you look down at your scaley body you gasp in horror. Your scales are a shimmering hot pink. Your claws have little teddy bears and fuzzy bunnies imprinted on them. You breath another flame into the air only to realize that the fire is shaped like little butterflies fluttering around. The leprechaun is rolling on the floor with laughter. "NOOOO!" you shout "I look so retarded!" This was not what you had in mind. But at least you're really really big and can breath fire, right?

Written by Junshu

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