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All slithery and snake-like

Jessie of course is quite distressed by the fact that you are about to be hugged to death by a bunch of snakes, and, in her desperation releases a great amount of raw magical energy.

The up-side, you are no longer being crushed by serpents. In fact, the snakes seem to have disappeared altogether.

The down-side, you are now literally a snake with arms. Well, you do have a decidedly human torso for your arms to be attached to (albeit covered in scales of python markings and colour). So you're a westernized Naga. This is not without its perks though. Pythons are naturally quite strong given their strangulation tactics, and you seem to have been blessed with razor talons on your finger-tips and large if venom less fangs in your mouth.

In summary, your wife must unintentionally have fused you with the snakes.

Written by Sigil

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