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need cloths

you enter the old shack of a house and find your way to the bedroom.

you look through the draws untill...ah ha!...you find some cloths. you pick up an small bra..but its a B cup...but its the only one..so you put it on anyway.

it can barly contain you boobs...but it with help stop the jiggling.

you continue to search through the cloths..you find an old t-shirt that fits tightly over you chest....

now to find somethiing to cover you huge ass. you find several pares of pants bu you cant get the up past your upper thighs. finally you find a pare or boxer shorts that are very elasticy. you struggle and force them over you large rear. when on they fit very tightly over you hips and butt(their strating to ride up you ass already).

you exit the old house and look arround you see several farms in the distance and decide to go there for help.....wouldn't be any trouble with your new body.

Written by an anonymous author

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