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Honesty is the best policy ... but not in this case.

"A very intriguing story," says the spider. Even as she speaks, you feel the webbing around you growing incredibly tight. "..but it could have been more imaginative. It was good entertainment, but as always, things must come to an end."

"What?", you say, feeling suffocated by the pressure building up inside the webbing, "It's the truth!"

"I could never believe such a ridiculous story as that. Nothing of the sort has happened in over 1,000,000,000 years, and you expect me to believe that it is happening now?" You try to speak in you defence, but the pressure has built to the point that you no longer have the air to do so. "It has been fun, but I cannot delay my dinner plans any longer."

The spider starts to make her way toward you, her fangs glistening in the flickering light of the gisnt fireflies. Your heart races, as though trying to squeeze a lifetime of beating into the few seconds you have left. The spider pulls the end of the silk rope up and is about to sink her fangs into you, when there is a sudden snapping sound.

The spider stops. You feel the threads around you loosen, and, without warning, your encasement bursts apart. You fall to the floor, crushing the remains of a human skeleton. You wonder what happened. Then you look at yourself. your shirt is in ribbons, burst at the seams. Your shorts, though intact, are starting to tear. Your body now resembles a water balloon with legs, arms, and a head. Your arms have become thick and heavy, while your fingers have become as thick as sausages. Your legs are like treetrunks, and your shorts press deeply into your thighs. Your face feels fuller then any moon in the heavens, and you feel a multitude of chins as you bend your neck to look down your vast slope. Your predominant feture is now your belly, which bulges at least 6 feet in front of you. You understand what has happened ... your growth was too much for the web, and caused it to snap. You find it ironic that the curse saved your life, but if it weren't for that crazy leprechaun, you wouldn't be here in the first place. You try to get up, and find you can, with a great amount of dificulty. Looking down, you also find you can no longer see your feet.

"Well, well, so it's true", says the spider. "This changes a few things." You wonder what she means by that.

Written by Frank (edited by wanderer)

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