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I don't want to be pouched

Just then you feel your body shrink and bend. The room darkens as you pain courses through your body. The last things you see is the spirit laughing at your predicatment.

You wake up noticing that your now inside somthing dark and confortable. You are already noticing something is wrong, Holding what appears to be a tail. You pop your head out and then you see that your inside of Jennifer's pouch. Then you turn your head to the spirit man as he laughs."Now your his mother, Little furry mortal. Begone with you leave my castle or I will take more of your humanity."

Not taking a second thought Jennifer hops down the cooridors, outside of the castle, and into the woods where it seems that your going to live the rest of your life as a Kangaroo. I hope she isn't your worst enemy still, She can ground you now.

Written by an anonymous author

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