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genie your a what

cool you say but your voice is more female. you rember that renamon are alwas female. then the genie shows then she pulls her skin back and she a he but a male renamon? WHATS GOING ON you ask. me and my tamer, TAMER YOU YELL you relize that your ina digitron. a girl shows up it is this girl at school how likes but you hate her. she says she wants you to be a mother so she can have grand children. you alwas thought she was a crazy person. but then you see what she was talking about. WHA DID U DO TO ME. well I paid tht man who put you on this reporter job and I made that hole that you fel in. I wont you to mate jim whos a magical renamon. but why coldnt mate another female renamone you say.because hes the last of hes and now your kind. you see said jim we went almost extinct but i was the last male and I made a deal with this girl. whats the deal. I mate you and when we have anouth babies we will take there DNA and turn all boys in world into female renamons and the girls will be there masters. I wont help you say well then we will erase your mind and if you resite you will be elcutruted and you will feel pain but if you have a stronge mind you will breake free. so you wont resite you will be everones queen. il erase your meamry in 5 4 3 2 1 zapppp . you think should i resite and save my friend or be queen and hv my enimies be torched

Written by chao

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