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Jennifer's secret

"I'm Roger." says the dragon "I work in this castle.".

He flops onto the foor, causing the room to shake. You lie back on his big fat comfy belly.

"How do you manage to get around?" you ask.

"Some of the doors here have been enchanted, so I can easily squeeze through. Guess that last one wasn't!"

"Ever thought of going on a diet?" you ask, before realizing what a stupid thing that was to say.

Luckily for you, Roger just smiles. "My mistress the Countess Bathory likes me this size. With all this fat I can keep a flame going much longer"

"Countess Elizabeth Bathory? She died 400 years ago!"

"Well why don't you ask her about it? Here she comes now."

You hide behind the dragon as a woman, dressed in 17th century clothes enters the room. "Roger?? How did you manage to get through the door?" she says in a familiar voice. You look out and see her face with a shock.

It's Jennifer!

Written by an anonymous author

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