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You want more wishes . . . A LOT MORE

"I wish I had an infinite number of wishes," you tell the genie. You doubt that the genie will grant you this wish, but hey, it is worth a shot.

"Hmm, let me think about that . . . uh, no," the genie replies sarcastically.

"You didn't say I couldn't wish for that," you point out.

"Well, that's true," the genie agrees. "All right, tell you what. There is a way that you can get me to give you any number of wishes you want. Unfortunately . . . ." The genie pauses.

"Unfortunately what?" you ask.

"Unfortunately, it is . . . somewhat dangerous," the genie continues a bit hesitantly. "You must get past the fire-breathing dragon that dwells in the dimension within my bottle. The dragon lives in a cave on the island of Karth."

Your eyes grow wide at the genie's words. "You're . . . you're just putting me on, right? You're not serious?"

"I'm very serious," the genie says, giving you a look that seems to go right through your body.

So, what now? Do you take the genie up on his offer?

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