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As you try to make up your mind, the footsteps suddenly come to a halt. You realize that there's a shadow over you, and quickly look up.

Standing over you is the figure of a tall, slim woman with long black hair that appears to be frozen in shape. She is wearing nothing but black. A black, tight fitting outfit is covered over by a sleek looking black trenchcoat. But what actually catches your attention is the very nasty looking sictimar she is weilding with no apparent effort. Her black lips are twisted into a smile.

You gulp. This woman looked like she could get hit by a thousand nukes and still come out smiling. Tough. Very tough. And most likely invulnerable to any of your attacks.

Suddenly she spoke, "Well, well, it seems we have something of a legend here."

Was that sarcasm in her voice? Whatever it was, it made your scales quiver (dragon equivalent to goosebumps). This woman was not to be trifled with.

"Spyro, I believe it is, although it puzzles me as to why the famous Spyro the purple dragon would be wearing a human sock on his tail."

Oh crap. Apparently you hadn't been thorough enough when shaking your clothes off. Sure enough, you see a sock on your tail when you look around. Now she knows you aren't truly a dragon.

The woman's cold laughter rings through the tunnel. "Well, whatever your real name is, human, I'm afraid that you will not be leaving this cave now that I have found you. Spyro, eh? This will be interesting..."

"Who are you?!" you cry, noticing her smile broadening cruelly and her eyes glinting with danger.

"I am Nirvana."

And for some reason, that one sentence scares you more than anything else she had said and you run.

Straight into an invisible wall that had silently been summoned there by Nirvana. Literally shaking with fear, you turn towards her in a last attempt to fight.

"Don't make me laugh, midget dragon. DESTRUCTION BOLT!"

The last thing you see is a bunch of purple light before you're hit with an immense wave of pain and you black out.

Written by The Grand Master of the NeoTemplars

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